The Etiquette of Taking Online Friendships Offline

What is the nature of an online friendship? Essentially, were talking about any kind of socializing that is established before meeting someone in the flesh, so socializing online, online dating or making connections via social networks. These and other techniques to make new friends can be very powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Some dating sites claim that more people have met through their site than any other site.  Although impossible to measure, the real master of peoples social and romantic lives is Facebook. Facebook is a great place to make friends online, whether it&s with people you kind of already know or people you don’t know at all.

Tread carefully when using Facebook as a means to socialize. Crossing the digital boundary in this way can be tricky. Often, something that works in real life falls flat online, and vice versa. T overdo the status updates, and if you start chatting to someone and they make no reply donto keep spamming their Inbox. It&s simple really.

In the offline world, there a growing popularity of alternative ways to meet people. Speed dating is the most famous of these. Essentially it&were you go round a room, meeting as many people as possible. There’s little time for lots of etiquette, however you should be probing enough to get an idea of someone& personality, without being offensive obviously.

Most of all, however you socialize be relaxed and confident. Meeting people is not worth getting nervous over, we promise!

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