How to Match Your Wedding Rings to Your Diamond Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring and wedding band are two of the most exciting purchases you and your partner will ever make. Nevertheless, they can also provide a lot of stress and frustration because it can be difficult to select one ring out of all the beautiful diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings available. Moreover, what proves to be even more difficult is matching the two rings. After all, they will take prime place on your left hand for the rest of your life and thus they need to look beautiful when placed against one another. This is something which can be a lot tougher than imagined, and thus to give you a helping hand; take a look at the advice given below…

Go for Something Custom Made

The best way to ensure that the two rings match is to get them custom made. In fact, even if you just opt for your one of the rings to be bespoke, then you can match it to your other ring perfectly. After all, you can benefit from a wedding ring which is made perfectly to suit your engagement ring, and thus you will not be constrained the limits of the generic wedding rings that you see in the stores today. Haywards of Hong Kong is a fantastic bespoke jeweler who can offer you this service. They have over 40 years’ experience in design and personalisation and thus they certainly won’t disappoint. Moreover, all of their diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings come with a certification such as from the GIA, which is needed in order to ensure quality.

Professional Advice

There is no one better to give you advice about your engagement rings and wedding rings than individuals which have been trained in the industry. They will have the expertise and knowledge you require and thus will be able to give you an insider view into what sort of wedding ring is going to match the engagement ring that you already have.


It is recommended that you go for the same type of metal for both bands. Opting for a silver engagement ring and a gold wedding ring is something which may look good right now. But it can also very easily go out of fashion, and thus it is recommended that you stick to one color metal so that they don’t look too contrasting. Moreover, different metals have different properties. For instance a platinum ring can wear away at a white gold ring because platinum is a stronger metal than gold. Because white gold is plated with rhodium to look whiter, a platinum ring will actually wear away the plating of a white gold ring faster than usual, revealing a yellowish tint.

Diamond Shape

If you are going to go for two rings which have standout diamonds, then you need to be mindful of the shape that you opt for. There are lots of different shapes available i.e. Oval, round, marquise, emerald, pear, princess, heart and more. Nevertheless, when matching two diamond rings together you need to allow one to take second place and be more subtly beautiful whilst the other can take center stage. After all, if you go for two big and bold shaped diamonds they will compete for space and attention on your finger.


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