Freshen Up a Public Space with Artificial Flowers

Public spaces should, of course, have public appeal. They should be aesthetic and welcoming but not overpowering in their design. Whether we’re talking about a public library or a restaurant it is crucial that designers of spaces think carefully about what kinds of things have general appeal.

One of the common features of public spaces is that they are visited by a broad range of different people, varied demographics in other words. This needs to be factored into the design of these spaces and they should be relatively neutral in their look, albeit attractive and appealing.

One feature which has mass appeal is greenery. Flowers and flower arrangements appeal to all sorts of people, on an evolutionary, generic level. Of course different kinds of flowers will have different aesthetic effects, however we can broadly say that all kinds of people love flowers.

There are a few potential issues when using real greenery in public spaces. They will very quickly start to wilt and lose their lustre, the right blooms might be out of season and they will require a degree of maintenance.

There is an alternative however and you might consider using artificial flowers in the place of the real thing. Modern artificial greenery is not only just as aesthetic as real flowers and greenery but it has none of the practical disadvantages which have been mentioned previously.

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