Preventing Injuries When Running

For runners, staying injury free is very important, particularly if they are training for a long distance run. Unfortunately, injuries are all too common in runners. In order to prevent injury, runners need to learn how to train properly. Here are some tips:

Gradually Build Mileage

Many beginner runners sustain injuries because they try to do too much, too soon. When starting out in running, it’s vital to build mileage gradually. Absolute beginners should run no more than a mile or two at first. They should they aim to increase mileage by about 5 percent per week. This will give the body a chance to adapt to changes in intensity.


Most of people ask why does it feel good to stretch, the experts says when we sleep we do not move, as we do in awake. So, the fluids tends to pull along back. But when we stretch it helps our bodies to release waste and stress from sleeping that make our mind relax. Stretching allows the muscles to be more flexible which makes it easier to get out of bed. Muscles of runners are generally tight in the hamstrings and calf muscles. Extending periods of running on tight muscles can cause injury. However, it’s important not to stretch just before a run. Stretches should be performed after a warm up period of about 10 to 15 minutes.

Listen to the Body

Generally, running injuries don’t come out of nowhere. The body produces signals (aches, pain or discomfort) to let a runner know that injury may be imminent. As soon as a runner experiences pain, they should stop running immediately and take a few days off. If pain persists, they should see a doctor.

Wear the Right Running Shoes

Running the wrong shoes can have a significant effect on a runner’s gait. Over time, this can cause painful injuries. Runners should wear Mizuno trainers that are suitable for their foot type. This will reduce discomfort and help prevent injury.

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