What to Consider When Changing a Dog’s Pet Food

All dog owners need to change their dog’s diet from time to time. However, some owners encounter problems when they employ food changes and consequently end up taking their faithful pets to the vets with a digestive disorder.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Indeed, dog owners can make changes to their animal’s diet quite seamlessly if they keep a few important things in mind.

Give it Time

Dogs that have been on a single food for a while will need time to adjust to any change. This is because a dog’s body is able to adapt its enzyme production over time to suit new types of foods. Food changes which are introduced unexpectedly will take a dog’s body by surprise and leave the animal unable to cope. Food changes introduced slowly however will give a dog’s body time to adjust and begin producing the right enzymes for the job.

Serve Correct Amounts

It is important to realise that different pet foods are made up of different nutritional amounts. Low-grade foods, for example, tend to contain large amounts of fillers so dogs need to consume them in large amounts to get enough nutrients. High end foods in contrast are packed with highly nutritious and easily digestible ingredients; therefore dogs only need a relatively small amount to get everything they need.  So, if owners do change from a low to a high-quality dog food, they need to ensure it is served in suitable amounts.

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