Is Wireless Audio as Good as Wired Options?

Wireless audio is becoming increasingly attractive to consumers, adding a great deal of value to technological products and ensuring that individuals can have a far easier process of playing, streaming and selecting music. However, any audiophiles that want music to sound its very best may well quickly realise that this is going to be almost impossible with wireless options.

Much as radio stations will have to compress songs to fit them on a certain bandwidth, wireless audio will often do a good deal of damage to the EQ of a song. Even those watching films or TV won’t get the same effect, and that low end rumble that signifies impending danger and makes horror films great to watch can be totally lost.

This is just one example of how wireless speakers can effect the enjoyment of media, but ultimately, without the right speaker cables in use, sound will be harsh and lack the impact it should have. Even the most expensive Bluetooth devices can cause signal degradation and sound may even drop out completely, something that will not be the case with a wired options.

For those who want an easy life and don’t care much about quality, wireless is a great addition to a media device. For others, however, finding the best speaker cables you can will offer a far better investment than paying more for a wireless audio option. Or, of course, you may well find that having both options will be best for you, and that wireless is useful occasionally, but not something to rely on when you want something to sound perfect.

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